Find your new favorite instructor.

Discover the instructor and class you’ve been looking for, with customized recommendations from HIIT to recovery to meditation and more.
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Tech unlike you’ve ever seen.

As close to IRL as it gets. No more link juggling, playlist fiddling or getting stuck in a ‘waiting room’. Everything you need for class is in one place, from music to digital WOD whiteboards, so all you do is click and go.

Take class on your schedule

Prefer live classes with friends? Or have a hectic schedule and need on-demand classes on your time? We have both!

A perfect match

We all know the instructor makes or breaks any class. With our customized class recommendation algorithm, discover the instructor who inspires you to move, push and transcend.

A little friendly competition

Trade stats with friends after class for a little friendly competition. Create group challenges, compete against yourself or measure new milestones. You can track and share it all in your dashboard.

How it works

Our transparent payment method of using tokens to pay for classes means your dollars are going directly to instructors, and you are rewarded when buying larger ‘class packs’. Token packs start at 12 cents per token for 100 ($12 covers a class that costs 100 tokens) and go down to $.103 per token when purchasing 1000 tokens (or $103 total when purchasing a series of tokens). Our fair pay model for instructors through tokens means that all instructors using the Recess platform earn 10 cents per token.

Tunes that inspire

Remember the days of nightclub-worthy beats pumping through studio classes? Recess offers the next best thing with a fully immersive audio experience.

The next great workout

Some of fitness’ most notable innovators are here on Recess, sharing with you the next generation of remote fitness and wellness classes. Discover the instructor and workout that works best for you. Every on-demand and live class is as fresh as it gets, programmed directly by instructors for you.


Our peer-to-peer system of connecting you directly to instructors who move you means they receive 100% of class fees. Instead of paying a studio who then pays an instructor, your class contributions go directly to them, keeping classes affordable and offering fair pay to instructors.