Build your fitness empire.

Focus on teaching, we’ll take care of the rest. You change people’s lives with great programming and inspirational instruction. Our full-service fitness dashboard provides you a platform to easily offer the best digital fitness and wellness class experience, earn 100% of class revenue and more.
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Better Video and On-screen Workout Whiteboard.

We know that pre-existing digital tools for video are tough to manage. And other in-class elements like writing up workouts on whiteboards and cheering each other on have not translated to digital. Now you can easily stream your class, create a digital whiteboard and encourage student-to-student support without being a tech pro. This also enables clients to track their stats, like how many squats they did that month!

Bigger classes, bigger paychecks, better relationships

Stream your classes directly to students, while making every live and on-demand class easily discoverable to the greater Recess community. Every dollar that students pay goes directly to you, no rev-share and no management fee.

Create Live and On-Demand Classes.

Love the energy and accountability of live classes? Need the flexibility and freedom of on-demand? Add as many live and on-demand as you can teach, in real-time.

So easy you could do it in Savasana (almost)

Your Recess fitness dashboard contains everything you need to manage, grow and nurture your community and programming. But you don’t need to be a tech whiz to figure it out. Built for ease-of-use, this mission control handles everything from creating classes and tracking student performance to booking personal sessions and sending group messages.

Stress-free Communications and Progress tracking

Last minute addition of required props? Adding a new class to your weekly line-up? Want to track client progress to keep them inspired and inform your programming? Message your class participants, track their progress and manage your email list directly in your dashboard.

Leave the marketing to us

You’re here to teach, not sell or market. That’s what we’re here for. Your dashboard offers a number of ways to nurture and grow your digital community over email.

Make 100% - No Fees

There is no studio in the middle or service fees. Just you, your students and our easy-to-use software to power your business. Set your price and make all of it, no transaction or platform fees to worry about.

You don’t have to be a tech whiz

We know first-hand the challenges of connecting to a zillion apps and plug-ins to teach remotely. So we designed our platform to have the best of everything, in one place, and easy to use.

Grow your business

Our system was developed to get your classes in front of 5x the audience that any social channel can provide. So you can make 5x or more the revenue, directly. How? Our algorithm does the marketing for you, marketing your classes to students who are trying to find their next favorite class.